Split Screen Camper 1966 Volkswagen

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Camper Vans For Sale £5,000.00 - Camper Vans

Hi there, up for sale is our much loved 1966 right hand drive VW Spilt Screen Camper. She’s been with the family for 9 years and during that time has had some work done on her.

During that 9 year period (mostly within the last 5 years), she’s had some welding done on her, including:

The front bottom clip replaced, including inner clip, and A post bottoms.
Both sills have been replaced (inner, outer and strengthener).
A couple of jacking points and outriggers have been replaced.
One rear wheel arch.

She’s been painted in a striking white over orange livery.

She’s been fitted with a 6 foot “Paris Beetles” rag top, which pulls back for top down motoring, or living under the stars. It’s fully waterproof, and tight on the poppers. It’s around 6 or 7 years old, but still very presentable (see photo).

She’s been fitted with an aluminium side step and BRM replica wheels, all of which are in great condition. All centre caps are present. A pair of chrome pop out side windows have also been fitted.

All the rubbers have been recently replaced, but the front door window frame seals (slider) do need replacing. The frames could do with a rub down and repaint too. She is water tight.

The bumpers are in decent condition, a few spots of surface rust, and could do with a rub down and repaint. They are decent, and presentable, but not gleaming.

She’s fitted with elephant ear mirrors, and both are in great condition.

Externally, all pretty standard. No lowering, narrowed beams, IRS, or anything – all stock!

Internally all the controls up front are standard, however she is fitted with a Classic Retro Stereo – classic looks, but modern performance. I believe it’s a Retrosounds Model One – from memory. It has 2 speakers in the front doors, and two fitted below one of the rear benches. The hand washer pump has just perished, so I’ve had to fit an electric washer system to get it through its MOT. Original fuse box, stalk, steering wheel and switches.

She’s got a 12 month old new front cab carpet (mad mats?) and a 12 month old pair of black vinyl seat covers, with white piping. All in very good condition. 2 modern inertia wheel seat belts are also fitted up front.

In the rear, all the Devon (I think it’s a devon) wooden interior has been rubbed down and revarnished. Some pieces of wood have been replaced with new. All the cushions are 12 months old, and have new unmarked vinyl covers.

From the front:

The rearward facing bench seat has a water container (which feeds the tap) and a lockable safe box fitted underneath. The lower part of the back support folds down to give a few extra inches of leg room when the area is set up for sleeping (more later). Above this there are two sliding panels for storing nick nacks behind. Next to the side doors there is a large cupboard which was originally a wardrobe, but the rail and hangars are no longer present. I use it for general camping gear. In front of this is an original EZ-Cool cool box, however the door has been replaced as it had perished. There is also a pump type tap too.

The table is fitted with a lift-and-pull hinge type of thing where by lifting the table at the side next to the side doors, the table will come away from its wall mount and can be lifted free. The white leg is unscrewed and then the table is lowered between the bench seats to form the bed. The cushions are then arranged to form a pretty good sized bed. The table can also be stowed in the upper rear compartment.

The forward facing bench seat has storage space underneath the hinged lid, and is fitted with two modern static lap belts. The front panel of the bench seat (near the floor) has two 240V mains sockets and two speakers fitted. More on the power system later.

The gas stove cupboard is not original. It comes in two parts really; a lower cupboard (where I stow the has bottle) and the upper stove part. The upper part has a hinged lid, which opens to reveal the gas stove. You can just see this in one of the pictures.

Behind the forward facing rear seat is a small compartment, which is just visible in the photo of the rear interior. It runs most of the width of the camper and is about 1 foot deep.

Right at the rear of the camper, as viewed through the boot lid, there are two drawers which are lined, and an upper cupboard with black door. Under this cupboard is the leisure electrics system.

The leisure electrics system is made by ZIG and features a 12V leisure circuit that powers the internal lights (6 halogens mounted either side of the fabric roof, each with its own switch), the stereo and 2 x 12v accessory sockets (cigarette lighter style), one in the front, one in the back). The system is dual circuit, and can be isolated or combined depending on if you are motoring or static. There is also a 240V mains hook up, and the socket is in the engine bay. Both batteries are fuse protected and are charged either by the alternator or mains hook up.

The mains sockets in the batch seat are only powered of you have 240 mains (shore power) hooked up. There is no inverter.

The floor in the main cabin is vinyl candy stripe, and is clean but has a few marks.

The engine is the original (documentation proof) 1500 lump, and is single port. Standard carb, but has electronic ignition installed in the distributor. The carb is less than a year old, as is the fuel pump. She was serviced last year, with new plugs, oil, mesh filter, plug leads, cap and rotor arm. She pulls well. The gearbox is standard, and had its oil level checked last year. Hub seals are in good condition with no leaks

The brake master cylinder, pipes, and shoes were all replaced last year. One new brake cylinder was replaced. All standard, and stops as well as can be expected.

Main electrics were 99% rewired with modern wiring, and all works as it should. Its a 12V system, wipers are two speed. Electric washer bottle is to be fitted shortly, because the old manual push button has deteriorated and no longer works.

Tyres have only a few thousand miles on them and have good tread.

I have got about 20 years worth of history in a file, including old MOTs etc. Also included is the ORIGINAL registration document from New Zealand. Yep, it looks like her story began in New Zealand, on the 29th of August 1966 and she was exported from there to the UK in 2001. I have all the paperwork, and lots lots more.

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